We help innovative startups & enterprises bridge the tech-talent gaps. InfoStride offers affordable & flexible hiring models.


We enable early stage & growing startups to build their next MVP by accessing new-age technologies.

Product Companies

Empowering product companies to identify the right technologies stacks on product stability, adoption and scalability.

Digital Agencies

Supporting our global partners on reducing high development costs & help our partners focus on their client's engagement & delivery.


Enabling enterprises through innovations on large scale software development cycle, modernization & ongoing support maintenance.

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InfoStride helps set up a full-scale remote dedicated team to work closely with your in-house core teams.

It’s just like hiring locally! Share your requirements and we will provide the best-fit candidates within 48 hours.

Our Expertise

InfoStride delivers a full suite of IT services globally across various industries.

  • Digital Transformation
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Engineering
  • Web Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Data Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering
  • DevOps
  • IT Strategy & Consulting Services

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We offer various engagement models & affordable rates to meet diverse business needs effectively.

Fixed Price Time & Material Dedicated
Build, Operate, Transfer
For Whom Early Startups to SMB SMB to Mid-Size SMB to Enterprises Funded Startups to Large Enterprises
Size of Project Small Small to Medium Medium to Large Medium to Large
Requirements Define Evolving Evolving Evolving
Client’s Control Very Little Significant Full Control Full Control
Flexibility No Yes Yes Yes
When To Choose Project specifications are clearly defined and unlikely to change. Vendor may charge for user stories, wire frames and feature list prior to provide a define scope of work. Vendor will review project scope to provide high level estimate man hours before start of project. Client understands for on-going changes will impacts time & cost. Client which requires specific tech/domain but unable to hire, looking for replacements or gaps within their project team. A dedicated resources will work on. Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) is suitable for long haul projects with 12 to 60 months product roadmap. Clients looking for an option to build and managed affordable offshore remote dev teams. They can scale up/down the resources as per their project requirements and roadmap.
Rates One-time Hourly Rates Monthly Rates Monthly/Quarterly

We Embrace Technologies

InfoStride is a leading software development company that provides cutting-edge engineering services, helping companies untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey.

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Why Hire Remote Developers with InfoStride?

InfoStride hires the top 3% of tech talents who strive to build game-changing digital products.

Top-Tier Talent Accessibility

We help navigate barriers such as time zones & localization to provide instant access to the top IT talents in Singapore & across APAC.

Bridge the Technology Gap

We provide highly skilled talents with the specific skill set required for your ongoing project requirements.

Quick Kick-Off

Our remote developers are pre-vetted and trained by subject matter experts to start your project as soon as it is assigned.

On-demand Scalability

We deploy a dedicated resource or teams of the right size for your project with no hassle to scale up or down the resources as needed.

No Administrative Hassle

We take care of all legal aspects of deploying a dedicated remote team and let you focus solely on building amazing products.

Data Security

We provide a conducive working environment for these dedicated remote team with stringent data policies in place to prevent data breaches.

Why Partner With Us?

In-House Outsource Build Your Dedicated Team
Cost Efficiency High costs Reduced operational costs Approach
Onboarding Time-consuming recruitment Simpler onboarding process Quick onboarding (upto 72 hours)
Quality Good Quality Low-quality code and documentation Quality code & clear documentation
Flexibility High staff turnover Possibility of staff dismissal Core team retention guarantee
Expertise Narrow range Wider range Access to the skills and expertise of 480 engineers
Communication Seamless communication Communication gap Cross-cultural team. Fluent English (B2+). Time zone aligned

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