Cloud & DevOps Services

We provide fully automated DevOps environments by improving the way your development and IT operations teams collaborate - coupled with cloud solutions to help you deliver quality products at the pace of business.

Cloud & DevOps Implementation with InfoStride

As your product evolves in terms of functionalities, offerings or technology, the once-effective approaches and processes start to slow down the pace of innovation. That’s when InfoStride’s DevOps engineers can help you facilitate a culture of continuous improvement, streamline IT processes and make your infrastructure stable, secure and scalable.

Use InfoStride’s Cloud & DevOps Services If You Want to:

  • Get ongoing assistance of a professional Cloud & DevOps engineer
  • Get temporary DevOps engineering assistance for your project
  • Increase the capacity, scalability or security of your infrastructure
  • Facilitate efficient collaboration between the operations teams and the programmers
  • Hire an additional Cloud & DevOps engineer to set up a development infrastructure

Engage with InfoStride for Cloud & DevOps Services.

  • On-demand. We provide on-demand Cloud & DevOps services to those who want to engage our experts for a limited period of time. Work with a DevOps engineer as long as you need to address the problem.
  • Advisory Workshop. One-on-one collaborative sessions to thoroughly assess your key pain points, monitoring capabilities, delivery processes and organization culture. Work with InfoStride’s DevOps engineers and get tailored recommendations and strategic actionable roadmaps to align your processes with your business goals.
  • Support: Get expert-level support for your existing product or the one you have developed with InfoStride’s Cloud & DevOps engineers.
Key Benefits of Cloud & DevOps Services by InfoStride

What You Will Get with InfoStride?

  • Instant availability of scalable resources
  • Expertise across multiple industries
  • Flexible and cost-effective engagement models
  • End-to-end support from strategy to implementation
  • A holistic approach to Cloud & DevOps

How Does Our Process Work?

We follow a four-stage process focused on continuous improvement by leveraging the best DevOps tools and practices and accelerating your cloud adoption.

Discover the Problem

We begin with a strategic workshop where our DevOps experts work closely with you to identify concerns and pain points of the IT processes and software infrastructure that need to be addressed.

Create a Proof of Concept

After identifying a problematic area, we come up with a low-fidelity solution in this stage. Since the proposed solution always involves multiple services and tools, we visualized it in a proof of concept (POC).

Build an MVP

Once getting approval from you for a working POC, we build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and identify the best toolset for your IT infrastructure.

Implementation & Support

The final step is the successful implementation that can be performed either by InfoStride’s Cloud & DevOps team or your in-house team. We can also continue supporting your software infrastructure, scale it and optimize its performance on your request.

Cloud & DevOps Services-The Best Tech at the core.


Whether it is migration, deployment or upgrading customer-facing applications, we adhere to a strategic and agile approach to all the Cloud & DevOps projects irrespective of the platform. Our experts bring their deep domain knowledge to every stage of the project lifecycle to navigate loopholes, ensuring a successful implementation every time.

Our Cloud & DevOps engineers leverage the best technologies and tools to help you achieve DevOps objectives that align with your business landscape.

Our Cloud & DevOps team design team hold expertise across the following technologies & tools:

  • Cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP
  • CI / CD - Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Git
  • Automation - AWS CloudFormation
  • Monitoring and logging - AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor
  • Container orchestration - Docker Swarm

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