Discovery Phase For Software Projects

Planning is crucial towards the fulfillment of any goal or task. Proper software project planning leads to high-quality final products that drive real business outcomes.

Start your software projects the right way.

InfoStride’s discovery workshop is a collaborative session where we lay down the solid foundation for the development process by carefully analyzing, prioritizing and refining ideas & requirements. The primary purpose is to help you start and complete your software project while staying within your defined timeline & budget.

Use InfoStride’s Discovery Workshop to:

  • Reduce the risk of your product failure
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution
  • Navigate feasibility concerns associated with the project
  • Address requirements prioritization problems
  • Ensure sufficient returns or business benefits from your product

What We Do in Discovery Workshop?

  • Risk Identification. We help you rule out the risks and likelihood of failures and mishaps. Our experts start working on the project only after we are certain about the practicality and feasibility of your product idea.
  • Accurate Estimates. A 360° view of the project helps determine the scope and cost of overall development. Through software discovery workshops, we help you align and prioritize your requirements to best fit your project scope and budget.
  • Design & Specification. The discovery phase helps you visualize the design and specifications of your digital product. We can help generate low- and high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to provide you with a realistic idea of the look and feel of the final product.
What We Need from You to Get Started

What Do You Get with InfoStride?

  • Instant availability of experienced resources
  • Reduction of development costs up to 50%
  • Proven processes that deliver a step-by-step development plan
  • Quality & security Guarantee
  • Cost-effective cooperation model

How Does Our Process Work?

At InfoStride, we follow a four-stage software discovery process to assist you with Idea Validation, Product Visualization and Requirements Engineering.

Understanding Your Vision

We begin by understanding your vision for your software product and the key pain points the envisioned software is aiming to solve. The purpose of this stage is to identify high-level use cases and a synopsis of exceptions scenarios.

Visualizing Your Idea

After understanding the vision of your software idea, we then visualize your idea. It includes mapping your product vision to a user experience that aligns with the use cases identified. The aim of this stage is to come up with UI/UX design, enhanced wireframes and clickable prototype.

Technical Evaluation

We conduct a thorough technical assessment of your software product to ensure feature scalability, extensibility and security. This stage helps us to devise a technical architecture, design a high-level database schema, tech stack recommendations, conduct technical risk & system performance requirements assessment.

Defining MVP Scope & Budgeting

The final stage of the discovery phase involves “requirements scrubbing” activity. We figure out what items are essential for MVP, which ones are nice to have and which ones can come later. This stage helps you with a detailed scope outline, cost estimates and indicative timelines.

What are the Key Deliverables from InfoStride’s Discovery Workshop?


After conducting a workshop, we go through large chunks of information gathered, structure it properly and reach a roadmap to turn your vision into a successful digital product.

We translate everything into a product specifications document that entails all essential information, captures key takeaways and outlines the entire discovery workshop process from start to finish. This makes sure that we are on the same page regarding project expectations and outcomes – at any given point.

Our discovery workshop based on the battle-tested approach & methodologies deliver:

  • Product vision & purpose
  • SMART goals & the primary aim of the product
  • Identify the target audience
  • User personas, user flows & user scenarios
  • Paper sketches & wireframes
  • User journey mapping
  • Frameworks and tech stack
  • Project roadmap
  • Prioritized functionality
  • Budget and Timeline

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